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The Grand Tour

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries it was fashionable for young British noblemen and sons of the landed gentry to undertake what became known as the “Grand Tour”. Weeks, months, sometimes even years were spent living and migrating between the cultural cities of Old World Europe and in particular, Italy. The Grand Tour provided a journey of exploration, a true celebration of European society, historical culture and, of course, classical antiquity. Though Paris was often the first destination, it was the ancient Italian cities of Turin, Florence, Padua, Bologna, Venice, Naples and, central to the entire experience, Rome which played host to these Grand Tourists over centuries of summers …

Grand Tour montage

Our very own “Voyage to Italy” began over twenty years ago during which time we have unveiled a wealth of beautiful objects and time-honoured skills that typify all that is Italy; detail, elegant design, luxurious materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

The Grand Tour continues today and here we proudly present the skills and techniques of the generations of master-craftsmen with whom we are fortunate enough to have become acquainted. Behind each image lies a story and within each range a vast array of alternative models, colours, finishes and dimensions which can be custom-created especially for you. You need only express your wishes and indulge your desires ...

The Grand Tour
The past rediscovered, the future defined …

Napoli Bath Tub